Dr. John Shea: Santa Barbara Symposium on Human Origins II

BOAS Network presents: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Symposium on Human Origins II. Friday September 12, 2014. Morning Session: The Settlement of the Eurasia by Homo Sapiens with Dr. John Shea.

One of the ways we learn about early human behavior is by doing it! John Shea uses the results of stone snapping and tool use experiments to help us improve archaeological methods for reconstructing human behavior through the analysis of stone tools. He studies human origins, with a focus on the Paleolithic period, and is investigating early hominid adaptive radiations, the origin of Homo sapiens, the extinction of the Neanderthals, and the end of the Later Stone Age in Africa. Most recently, his research focuses on the origins of stone projectile point technology. Stone artifacts are after all – one of the main things that survive ancient sites!

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