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A space for anthropologists to share their work.

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Broadening of Anthropology’s Spectrum

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Thought-provoking and entertaining videos. See what anthropologists are doing in the field, what they’re discovering and how it’s affecting us. 

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Trace the world with anthropologists. Ask experts your question, test your anthro knowledge, and find out why science is your friend.

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Check out the latest in anthropology from around the world.
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We know your work is fascinating. Join our community and showcase your talents, insights, blogs, knowledge, powerpoints and articles. 


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About Us

We are 501(c)(3) non-profit providing a free entertainment, information and education forum for anthropology (EIN# 47-2808087) . Our goal is that anyone can have a direct link to connect and enter the world of anthropology in an exciting and accessible way. For anthropologists, this is the place to showcase and promote your videos, knowledge and research to a broad audience.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Our Mission

In answering the question raised by Dr. Jeremy Sabloff: “Who is speaking out for anthropology in the public arena today,” our mission is to create innovative and improved methods to communicate anthropology in a manner that everybody can find interesting, educational, entertaining and thought-provoking. Through social media, public outreach, and videos, BOAS does so by showcasing the work of anthropologists in a manner that reaches and attracts a broad public audience, connecting them to the world of anthropology.

Test Your Knowledge

Can you guess who this pictured tribe is and where they are from?

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The Himba indigenous tribe from Northern Namibia, Africa. Photographed here are the Himba women who paint their hair and skin with otjize, a paste of butter, fat and red ochre for protective treatment from the sun.

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Clifford Geertz

Younger anthropologists have the notion that anthropology is too diverse. The number of things done under the name of anthropology is just infinite; you can do anything and call it anthropology.

Clifford GeertzAmerican Anthropologist (1926-2006)Wikipedia
W.H. Auden

History is, strictly speaking, the study of questions; the study of answers belongs to anthropology and sociology.

W.H. AudenAnglo-American Poet (1907-1973)Wikipedia
Ruth Benedict

The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences.

Ruth BenedictAmerican anthropologist and folklorist (1887-1948)Wikipedia
Margeret Mead

Anthropology demands the open-mindedness with which one must look and listen, record in astonishment and wonder that which one would not have been able to guess.

Margeret MeadAmerican cultural anthropologist (1901-1978)Wikipedia
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