Time Capsules? The Maritime Archaeology of the Baltic Sea and New Perspectives on History

Guest Speaker: Jonathan Adams
Head, Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton

Introductory remarks: Calit2 division director Ramesh Rao; Jules Jaffe of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and CISA3 associate director Tom Levy.

The low salinity of the Baltic inhibits those organisms that live on and degrade organic materials, particularly wood. This means that wooden shipwrecks survive in far better states of preservation than in other seas. This lecture reviews the history of northern Europe through three thousand years of shipwrecks, bog finds and rock art and suggests that major episodes of innovation and change in shipbuilding manifest similarly profound changes in society.

Jonathan Adams is a specialist in maritime archaeology, with interests in ships as manifestations of innovation and social change, and in the practice of archaeology in the coastal zone and under water, particularly the ethics of the developing field of deepwater archaeology.