Who are They? a video by Vincent Carelli

The first program in the Indians in Brazil series, Who are They? asks people what they know about Brazilian Indians, exposing common stereotypes. School curriculums emphasize native culture as a historical artifact rather than a contemporary reality, and TV news gives the Brazilian public the impression that Indians are nearly extinct. Some people see natives as lazy, demanding, and savage, while others admit that they know little about Indian culture. This video tries to overcome cultural and language barriers between native and non-native people by introducing viewers to dynamic, growing Indian groups such as the Kaxinawa, Yanomami, Kaingang, Baniwa, Maxacali and Pankararu. It also raises the issue of native identity among people of Indian descent.

Purchase: http://www.der.org/films/who-are-they

a video by Vincent Carelli
distributed by Documentary Educational Resources